Yesterday we spent the whole day in Rochester High School.We stayed with the students here and had some lessons toghter with them.😊

The classes here are quiet different from China .There are only about 30 students in one class, student's dont just stay in one class all day long like China, and they move to different classrooms to have different classes. They talk freely in the class ,they ask questions without putting up their hands, and they can walk anywhere they want……Even though we could not hardly understand some lessons ,we did enjoy our day very much!😄

School ends at 2:30 pm here.After school,we went home and had fun with the host family.Some of us became a babysitter and took good care of the babies👶. The babies are so cute! Some of us went shopping with the host families.

Then we had dinner with the family.Today is The Spring Festive,so some of the host families cooked Chinese food for us,so delicious!!!😋

After dinner,we returned to school to watch a great show : Mr. Rochester.It was very interesting and funny, and we laughed a lot throughout the show.

Today is a great day, and we all enjoy ourselves!

Rochester High School, Feb.16.2018.