The snow hasn't melted with the strong sunlight. Instead,it shone brightly in the sunshine, which really made us amazed.On such a perfect day,we went to visit the University of Michigan in the morning.

To begin with,we took a visit to a museum. We saw many different kinds of decorations through the window.Meanwhile,some mummies attracted many of us to have a close look at them.Curiosity is always the power of study!To our great surprise,the fresco was quite a splendid work !Then with the help of the guide, we visited the dormitory building,the library,the Tisch Hall and Michigan Union .On the road, every student walked as fast as possible.They must be in a race against time.

Apart from the busy study,the students at Michigan also know how to relax themselves.

Today is special for the Valentines Day,so we could see some students send flowers and sweets for free.Even a free hug is provided,which really touched me.What they did passed the warmth and enthusiasm forever. They really do a great job,and this is what we should learn from them.

In the afternoon, we came back to our own host family. They prepared some activities for us to enjoy.As for my family,we went skiing .Such an exciting sport made my heart beat fast.When we arrived at the ski resort,the snow slopes height deeply scared me.But I know that everyone has his first time.I couldnt miss this challenge.Finally,I made it.Pretty much pride filled me.That will be one of the most unforgettable experience of my life!


Rochester High School, Feb, 15, 2018

By Group 2, Huixian Shi/Jingyuan Liu/Yuling Pan/Yujie Li/Hailei Cui/Wenli Zhao